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EagleEye Agri Cam Waterproof Wired Backup Cam System w/Waterproof IP67 7" LCD

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Agricameras 1080P HD WIRED Backup Camera with Waterproof IP67 7" LCD, Waterproof Cam! 100% Waterproof System for Farm, Ranch, and Agriculture Vehicles.

  • Protect Yourself: Reduce Backup Accidents by 70% or more
  • Save Money: Reduce Insurance Rates and Premiums
  • Waterproof: 1080P Weatherproof Heavy Duty Camera with 120 degree ultra wide viewing 
  • Rear Angles: See what is behind your vehicle at all times (or in front, depending upon where you install the camera)
  • Monitor: 7” Waterproof IP67 Color TFT-LCD Monitor with built-in receiver
  • Easy Installation: 10-30 Minute Install
  • Magnet Mount: Available if you want to install camera using magnet, we sell magnet mounts, HERE
  • Everything You Need: Includes 45 foot cable between camera and 7" LCD monitor and dash mount for LCD
  • Weatherproof Heavy Duty Camera: 120 degree ultra wide viewing 
  • FREE Shipping: We ship all orders out USPS Priority, 1-3 Day shipping
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Not sure if this is the camera system for you, CHECK it out for 30 days to make sure!

TD Electronics offers one of the best HD 1080P backup camera systems in the USA! This backup camera includes a 7" Waterproof IP67 LCD & offers a heavy duty 1080P waterproof IP69 camera with 45 foot heavy duty cable that offers 1280 x 1080P video resolution, heavy duty commercial grade camera.  If you want to add the best heavy duty backup camera camera to a trailer, truck, equipment, or Farm, Ranch, and Agriculture Vehicles, this system allows you to see what is behind or in front of you during reverse or at all times, then this camera system is for you!   

Most customers will use this as a backup camera system, which means you will power the backup camera System to a 12v reverse light/power source. Then, once your equipment/Farm, Ranch, and Agriculture Vehicle goes into reverse, the system will turn on and show you a high quality image on the waterproof IP67 7" LCD. But some customers want to have this camera live at all times when the vehicle/truck/equipment or Farm, Ranch, and Agriculture Vehicles is on, and all you need to do is power the camera system to an 12v ignition power source and then this camera will show you video at all times!   

Either way, you can install this camera up to 45 feet away using the heavy duty wire from the LCD on any type of truck/trailer/equipment or Farm, Ranch, and Agriculture Vehicles! Then, you will install the Waterproof 7" HD Display in the cab/tractor/truck/car or Farm, Ranch, and Agriculture Vehicles using either our heavy duty windshield mount or U-bracket dash mount (both are included). You will power the 7" LCD by using 12v hard wire power behind the dash.  Once the LCD has power, then the camera turns on and will immediately display a 1080P video image to the LCD.

Bottom line, this is a top the line backup camera system that will help you protect yourself and avoid accidents that is easy to install and offers an awesome 1080P Wired heavy duty night vision camera! And We are so confident that you will like this system, we will offer you a 100% Money back guarantee 


  • 1080P Heavy Duty bracket CCD camera
  • Bracket offers a wide variety of installation options. 
  • IP69 1080P Wide angle camera will offer 120 degree of wide viewing angle
  • Camera angle can change up and down
  • Includes 1080P 7" Waterproof IP67 LCD with Sun-shield & U-Bracket
  • Monitor with four angle viewing switch (normal, reverse, inverted and inverted reverse)
  • Includes Heavy Duty dash mount
  • Includes a 45’ heavy duty cable to connect from camera to LCD
  • Can add Heavy Duty Trailer connectors that will allow you to install on a two piece trailer or RV
  • Easy Install, installs in 45-90 minutes
  • Can work in up to -30 Fahrenheit to 160 Fahrenheit
  • Includes 1 year warranty 


  • 1080P IP69 Waterproof heavy duty bracket camera
  • Heavy duty dash mount
  • 1080P 7” Waterproof IP67 LCD monitor
  • 12v Hard Wire Power Cable for 7" LCD
  • 45’ heavy duty cable
  • Installation guide

Product Disclaimer: This system is designed to be an aid and should not replace the need to drive carefully. Under no circumstances will manufacturer, supplier or retailer accept any responsibility or cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damage or for injuries results from installing or using this system or from any backing accident


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  • Will it accept more than 1 camera ….. and does it have a zoom in option

    Yes, you can hook up 2 camreas total to this system. No, it does not have a zoom, but it has a 1080P HD cam with awesome LCD

  • Is this CURRENTLY in stock

    yes, this is in stock as of 10/4/21

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