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Agri-Farming 3RD Gen 1080P 2-4 WIRED DVR Camera System with 10" LCD

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Agri-Farming 3RD Gen WIRED DVR 1080P 2-4 Camera System with 10" LCD.  Record up to 4 viewpoints at the same time!  Avoid Accidents with Blind Spot Monitoring.

Our Agricameras multi-camera system can use up-to four 1080P cameras that directly connect to a 10 inch Color LCD Monitor.  This 10 inch monitor allows for single camera viewing, dual camera split screen viewing and quad viewing of all 4 cameras at the same time. The LCD Monitor has a built-in DVR with a dual secure SD card slots that can hold up to 1024GB of max memory(2 _ 512GB SD cards per slot).  A perfect multi-camera DVR system for truck drivers and fleets.

  • Record 2-4 viewpoints using weather-proof heavy-duty bracket 1080P high definition cameras
  • 1080P cameras include 16 built-in infrared lights for great night recording
  • 10 inch LCD with up-to 4 camera views at the same time 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Simple and Easy installation process

System Highlights:

  • 10 inch Color LCD Monitor with built-in DVR with dual SD card slots
  • SD Card Slots is secure with a key-lock to prevent unauthorized people from accessing SD cards.
  • Multiple viewing options - Allows single viewing, dual split screen viewing and quad viewing modes.
  • Dual USB Port - Connect Wireless Mouse or easily export videos
  • Weather-proof 1080P heavy duty cams with built in 18 high-powered IR LED's lights 
  • Directly hard-wired to any 12V-24V DC power source or use the included 12V CLA. *All parts and wiring is included to get you up and running!
  • Easy to read English installation manual
  • Easy installation setup.

* SD cards not included - You can add SD memory card upon checkout, or purchase any Class10 or higher Standard Size SD card up-to 512GB per SD card slot anywhere else.

Standard multi-camera recording DVR system includes two 1080P Cameras, 1-15 foot cable and 1-30 foot cable. Upgrade your system by selecting 3 or 4 cameras or you can add a 3rd and/or 4th camera during "add to cart" process or order at any time. 


Great for horse trailers:

This is one of the best wired system for truckers, and many fleets are using this system.

See what is in your blind spots before changing lanes! Install a front facing heavy-duty camera on your dash or windshield, one rear facing camera on each of your outside rear mirrors and the 4th camera on the rear of your vehicle or trailer to see what is behind you for maximum coverage. 

Wired 2 Camera Day Driving Video: Wired 2 Camera Night Driving Video:

Looking to buy 2, 10, 20 or more, please email or call 512-251-8472 and we can put together a customized volume discount quote!

LCD Monitor (Quad view and video recorder DVR):

This 10 inch LCD with built-in DVR, is a quad-view monitor. You can select single, dual or QUAD camera viewpoints. The included remote control easily allows you to change cameras views. The 10 inch monitor includes dual micro-SD Card slot which will allows you to record all video that is being displayed on the monitor. Use up-to a 512GB SD per slot with 1024GB max memory total. Class 10 or higher SD card. (NOT INCLUDED)

The 1" thin LCD with sun shield sits on a fully adjustable base allowing you to point the screen in almost any direction. LCD menu options allow image rotation, mirror, and non-mirror settings. 

Great for horse trailers.


  • Chipset Hi3520D V300
  • Screen Size 10.1INCH
  • Screen ratio 16:9
  • Black Light Luminance LED,500cd/m2
  • Resolution 1024*600
  • Operation Langue Chinese/English/Spanish etc
  • Viewing Angle Hor: L(70) R(70); Ver: UP(50) DOWN(70)
  • Image reversion UP/Down and Left/Right
  • Power requirement 12 / 24V DC , Range 11-32V DC
  • Power consumption <8W
  • Shockproof level 10G


  • Video Compression H.264
  • Resolution 1080P Real-time Recording
  • Storage Support Max 1024GB with 2 x 512GB SD Cards
  • Dual USB Ports Supports Wireless Mouse or easily export videos
  • I/O Sensor 4-CH Alarm Input
  • Latest Chip Set Technology
  • 10.1INCH 1024*600 HD MONITOR 4-CH 1080P Real-Time
  • Recording Supports up-to 512GB SD Card per sd card slot
  • 4-CH Alarm Input,1-CH Alarm Output
  • Channels - 4-CH
  • Temperature -20℃ to 70℃
Great for horse trailers.
    • Image Device: 1IP68K
    • TV System: PAL / NTSC
    • Scanning System: 2:1 Interface
    • Sync. System: Internal
    • Resolution: 1280 x 1080 at 30 FPS
    • Operating Temperature: -30°F~150°F, RH 90% MAX
    • Minimum Illumination: 0.1 Lux (day), 0 Lux (with IR)
    • Gamma Consumption: 0.45
    • AGC: Auto
    • S/N Ratio: Better than 48dB
    • White Balance: Auto
    • Electronic Shutter: 1/60 (NTSC) ~ 1/10,000 Seconds, 1/50 (PAL) ~ 1/10,000 Seconds
    • BLC: Auto
    • Current Consumption: Max. 300mA
    • Power Supply: DC 12~32V
    • Operating Frequency: 2400 - 2483.5 MHz
    • Receiving sensitivity: -78dBm
    • Decompression form: MPEG4
    • Transmitting speed: 12 Mbps
    • Cable: includes 30' heavy duty cable (can upgrade to 60 or 90' if needed)

    Standard multi-camera (two 1080P cameras) DVR system setup

    System will include one 1080P Heavy Duty Bracket front facing camera without IR lights. This camera is designed to be installed inside the vehicle. The NO IR light camera allows for the best video recording by preventing IR glares that could reflect off the windshield.  However, if you want this camera to have IR lights, we can replace it with a camera that has IR lights at no additional cost. Please make a notation “Ship All Cameras with IR lights" on the order in the note section during check out. Cameras 2-4 will have 16 built in IR lights for great night recording.

    All heavy-duty 1080P bracket cameras are adjustable for easy mounting. The professional grade metal casing comes with 6.8 G-force shock resistance and is weatherproof. (Pictured below)

     Waterproof Cams

    Heavy Duty 1080P IP68K Camera - An extremely heavy-duty camera with adjustable up/down bracket designed for indoor, outdoor, dash or side installation. The bracket and housing are constructed of rugged metal and is designed to reduce wind resistance. Utilizing advanced technology to record sharp and vivid image quality. Equipped with built-in 16 IR LED to capture video in low/no light environment with Auto White Balance. (AWB) setting helps your camera “guess” the best option or choose the one closest to what your eyes might see. White balance is the process that the camera uses to remove color casts produced by these different color temperatures and helps your camera emulate what our eyes do naturally when dealing with white. *This weatherproof, heavy duty camera can be installed anywhere.  


    Aerodynamic 1080P Camera extremely versatile camera with adjustable angle designed for indoor, outdoor, dash or side installation. The housing is constructed of rugged metal and is aerodynamically designed to reduce wind resistance. Utilizing advanced technology to record sharp and vivid image quality. Equipped with built-in 12 IR LED to capture video in low/no light environment.

    Bar Bracket 1080P Camera - Easily installed and attached to any pole or bar style rear view mirror. This 1080N camera has 10 IR lights for low-light environments. 

    Dome Cam: For Interior Use Only

    INSTALLATION VIDEO (Customer Install Video)

  • 12v Direct Hard Wire Power Kit
  • 12V CLA
  • 1- Front Facing 1080P Heavy Duty Night Vision Camera without IR lights
  • 2, 3 or 4 1080P Heavy Duty Night Vision Cameras (depending on the type of cameras selected during "add to cart" process) with IR Lights
  • Standard cables shipped if camera lengths are not selected during "add to cart" process:
  • 1-15 foot with a 1 1080P Camera System
  • 1-15 foot and 1-30 foot cables with a 2 1080P Camera System
  • 1-15 foot and 2-30 foot cables with a 3 1080P Camera System
  • 1-15 foot and 2-30 feet and 1-45 foot cables with a 4 1080P Camera System
  • LCD rotating dash mounting bracket
  • Sun-shield for LCD monitor
  • Remote Control for LCD
  • USB port for thumb drive and mouse access
  • Video cable, screws, wire connectors
  • QR Code One Pager to view: Instructional Manual, Quick Start Guide and other Manuals
  • Optional Accessories:

    • 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB, 512GB SD Card
    • Additional 3rd & 4th Camera can be purchased at a later date for full price of $104.97 *Save $15 per camera by adding 3rd and 4th camera with your 1st purchase
    • Magnetic Mount for Camera (allows you to mount camera to metal easily) ($32.99)  CLICK HERE.


      Stuff to Know Concerning Installation and DVR Functionality:
      1. If 3 or 4 camera system was purchased, you should set up the LCD to show in quad view mode. This mode will show all 4 camera views at same time. With a 3 camera system, you will have one of the screens displaying a black screen. 
      DVR Function
      1. If purchased, insert SD card/cards, turn system on and FORMAT SD card/cards. Once complete, you can now use this as a DVR to record the videos to the SD card.


      • What is this?
      • How does it work?
      • Is this system easy to operate? How to Set Date & Time?
      • How much memory is included? Can I upgrade the memory?
      • How much video for 16GB? 32GB? 64GB? 128GB? 256GB?
      • How can I pay? Do you offer financing?
      • How good is the recording during the day & night?
      • Can I use one power source for this unit?
      • Can I install this system myself or will I need to hire a professional?
      • Can I add a 3rd or 4th camera to this unit?
      • Does this system always record?
      • Will you ship to Canada and other countries?
      • Do I have to connect the system to display camera views to the vehicle's ignition or can I just hook them to the battery?

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      Ask a Question
      • Can the ir lights be turned off

        There are 3 answers to this question: If you need to turn off the IR lights after you receive the camera with IR lights, most customers will simply put electrical/duct tape over the IR lights. If you want to permantely remove the IR lights, you can remove the back housing and disconnect 2 wires. If you call us, we can walk you through it over the phone, takes less than 5 minutes

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Yush Hofer

      The product looks good. but tack support sucks. and they don't stand
      behind the product. They don't have a warranty system. so be careful.

      Kevin Garcia

      I have been using this system for over 3 years and it is great. I love the security and peace of mind it gives me when I am on the road. I have called in a few time with questions and the guys at Agricameras have always taken care of me. I am ready to upgrade to their MNVR system, I look forward to many more years of working with Agricameras, thanks.

      Sandy McNulty

      I have found the heavy duty wired system to be reliable & free of minor repairs and defects during the time I have own it. The thing I like most about this model is the large monitor that displays the videos in 4 quadrants each sector is noticeably clearer than what I am use to seeing from other similar brands.

      Lynn Seger

      This nifty 10" wired monitor with 4 camera displays an incredible picture quality and there is no need to hook up an additional box which saves room. The new interface that allows you to access the menus is friendly and responsive.