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NEW FarmTech 1080P WIFI Wireless Backup Cam w/ Magnet & Battery, Portable & 1 Minute Installation

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FarmTech Wireless HD WIFI Backup Cam w/ Built-in Battery & Magnet

AgriCameras Magnetic Rechargeable WIFI Heavy Duty Camera is easy to install, convenient to use and is waterproof -- ideal for Tractors, most Agri Equipment, large trucks, trailers, RV's, etc. Supports both Android and iOS devices. 

  • Extended Wireless: Wireless 1080P Camera with 75-125’ Range
  • Simple to use: Easy Installation, less than 1 minute, just charge it, turn it on & start using it right out of the box (need to download App on Phone/Tablet)
  • Heavy Duty: 130 Wide Angle 1080P Cam w/ IR lights
  • Battery: 12HR Battery & HD Magnet
  • Safety and Security: Reduce Backup Accidents by 70% or more
  • Viewing: Use phone/tablet as LCD Display 

  • AgriCameras offers one of the best wireless WIFI backup camera systems in the USA!. This 1080P Commercial Grade camera offers a heavy duty WIFI camera with built in battery that offers 75-125 feet of wireless range. This 1080P camera is for you if you want a camera with excellent video resolution and built in IR lights for great viewing at night. Magnetically attach this WIFI camera to a trailer, truck, accessory equipment, vehicle of any type, turn on the power with the included Lithium Ion battery, which will allow you to see what is behind you when reverse is engaged, or at all time.

    Product Overview 

    Most customers will use this as a backup camera system, but you can use this camera for pretty much any use, on any piece of equipment or truck or trailer. Simply attach the camera magnet to any metal surface, turn on the camera by turning on the battery and connect your phone/tablet to the camera system using WIFI Then a high quality video image is available on any IOS or Android device via the free device APP. Some customers want to be able to be view their camera at all times while the vehicle/truck/equipment is on.  All you need to do is make sure built in battery has power, login to the FREE mobile app and then this camera will show you video at all times! 

    Either way, you can install this camera up to 75-125 feet away from mobile devices on any type of truck/trailer/equipment! The camera will pair to your mobile device and show you a crisp, high quality image immediately once the camera has power and the mobile app is open. We have equipped the camera with 4 IR lights that will give you great night visibility up-to 35 feet from the camera!

    Bottom line, this is a top the line wireless WIFI backup camera system that will help you protect yourself and avoid accidents. Camera is easy to install, is portable and offers an awesome wireless WIFI heavy duty night vision! And We are so confident that you will like this system, we will offer you a 100% Money back guarantee, so there is no risk for you to try this system out!


    • Reduce Backup Accidents by 70% or more
    • Reduce Insurance Rates and Premiums
    • Wireless WIFI Backup Cam with built in Magnet & Battery
    • Built in 6400mA Battery that stays powered for up to 12 hours.
    • 75-125 ft Wireless Range between camera and mobile devices
    • Weatherproof Heavy Duty IR 1080P Camera with 130 degree ultra wide viewing angle 
    • 4 Infra-red Lights - Night Vision up-to 35 feet
    • See what is behind your vehicle at all times (or in front, depending upon where you install the camera) use Phone/Tablet as a monitor
    • Easy Installation, Less than a minute!
    • Auto Pair - Pair Your System and mobile device without Leaving Your Cab
    WIRELESS WIFI heavy duty night vision 1080P camera system displays camera view when vehicle is in reverse. WIRELESS WIFI Color Night Vision Camera is designed to be installed practically anywhere on a vehicle or trailer. Camera viewing is activated by turning on the camera with power button. Then you will connect to the WIFI signal from your phone/tablet, open up FREE app and then you can view what is behind you in seconds! This camera includes 4 LED night vision lights that will illuminate at night giving the driver good visibility at night. This WIFI backup camera is designed for trucks, boats, commercial trucks, RVs buses and more.
    Product Overview Video

    CCD Camera/Transmitter

    • Built in magnet and battery (lasts up to 12 hours on a full charge)
    • Charging Time: 5V is 8Hr, 12V is 3.5 Hours
    • Imaging Sensor: 1/4 CMOS
    • CCD Resolution: 1920x1080
    • Shockproof: 4G
    • Transmission Frequency: 2400-2483.5MHZ
    • Transmission Power: 10mW/CE; 2mW/FCC
    • Modulation Type: FM
    • IR Night Range: 25-30 feet
    • Waterproof: IP69K
    • Horizontal View Angle: 130 Degrees
    • Unobstructed Effective Range: 75-125’
    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 4.25 x 2 x 3 inches 
    • Weight: 15.5 oz
    • Operating Temperature: -20°F/100°F
    • Operating Humidity: 30% RH

        • WIFI Wireless IP69K Heavy Duty built in magnet & battery 1080P Camera
        • CLA  & AC Power adapter for camera recharge
        • User manual
        Product Disclaimer: This system is designed to be an aid and should not replace the need to drive carefully. Under no circumstances will manufacturer, supplier or retailer accept any responsibility or cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damage or for injuries results from installing or using this system or from any backing accident 

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        Ask a Question
        • Is this your best camera? Is the picture grainy? Is there much lag time between image and phone ? Will it take a drop or is it kind of will it break easily?

          Best camera is hard to answer, this may be the best camera for you but not for another. The camera quality is great, high definition and great night vision. The lag time is less than .25 seconds. This is extremely heavy duty and commercial grade, a drop will not break it unless it is from a high distance

        • I can't get the app to load on my android advice, it keeps saying erro, try again. Any help with this would be appreciated!!

          Please call uson Tuesday, 12/27 at 512.251.8472 after 8:30 AM CST and we will help you over the phone. Call us when you have the cam in front of you are you are not driving. Thanks

        • How long does the battery last before needing a recharge?

          The battery lasts up to 12 hours between charge, takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery

        • Can you use multiple cameras?

          hello, great question. This WIFI camera emits a WIFI signal and your phone/tablet will connect to the camera. Because of this, it is NOT possible for 2 cameras to be connected to the same phone at the same time. So you can have more than 1 camera, but you would need to disconnect to one camera and connect to the 2nd camera manually before you could use the 2nd, 3rd or 4th camera. Call us anytime 512.251.8472

        • I have a pickup truck camper that requires some precision backing up perfectly straight so the camper rests properly in the truck bed. I also don't want to fuss with wires. I plan to aim it into the pickup bed. Is this going to help me get that camper loaded right?

          Hi JD
          Yes, the WIreless Backup Cam will assist you in lining up your truck with the camper.  There is no doubt that having an additional view will be of benefit.  This is why we offer Backup Camera Systems - for those who want and need help in backing for whatever reason and to avoid any backing accidents.  As you know, most all passenger vehicles now come with some kind of camera whenever you engage reverse gear.  So you will have that additional viewpoint to help but it will still be your skills that are doing the backing!!

        • hi im an over the truck driver well this camera work on a 53 foot long trailer?

          yes, for sure, we have sold many, many units for this application